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makeraves was born to help founders share their ideas and vision with the world and to assist journalists with exceptional stories that are credible and relevant.

"As an ex-journalist, I realised most of the good stories on innovation and wacky opinions never get told because startups have a hard time reaching the right inboxes or are unable to reach the right audiences."

With an extensive experience in the tech industry, Shagun is a former journalist who has written stories for billion-dollar companies and household names like Nas Academy, Sequoia Capital, Binance, and many more.

She moved into the world of PR with a global crypto niche firm where she has developed and maintained successful relationships with key thought leaders and other PR professionals. Her clients got featured in major mainstream pubs like Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times. She also led PR for EthBarcelona, one of the largest Ethereum conferences.

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our values



We embrace uniqueness, vulnerability, and diversity in and out of the workplace.



We believe honesty is the best policy and are open about our goals, objectives, and performance.



We don’t shy away from being outspoken, creative, and bold with our ideas and campaigns.

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